What We Do

Greenfield development

We ventured into the field of affordable housing in 1975, where strategic locations, good connectivity, and value-for-money products have always been important determinants for our affordable housing projects. We believe that ongoing maintenance costs are as important as the purchase cost of a home, and we design our developments such that they require significantly lower upkeep and running expenses.


Utilizing our experience and expertise in the real estate sector, we have been a part of redevelopment projects since 2005, wherein we have redeveloped several projects in Mumbai and provided higher standards of living and amenities for their occupants. We achieve this by implementing a higher level of infrastructure and services, resulting in more productive homes for our customers.

DM Model Self Redevelopment

With our experience of over 15 years in Redevelopment Projects, we are now undertaking projects under the DM Model, where societies want to proceed with the Self-Redevelopment Model. Agami Realty works with the society/landowner as a Development Manager to assist in achieving the successful completion of the project. We not only coordinate and manage multiple agencies but also ensure quality standards, compliance with government norms, address legalities, and handle sales. We guide the society from planning to receiving the Occupancy Certificate (OC) of the project.